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Can We do
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PAAW Fund is steered by a board of directors who are all unpaid volunteers. PAAW Fund exists to hold custody of the PAAW dollars donated by the PAAW partners, and any gifts / bequeaths from well-wishers. Its mandate is to ensure the judicial use of PAAW dollars to support animal welfare in Singapore.

Where will PAAW Dollars go

The animal welfare groups (AWGs) and volunteers work relentlessly to care for animals in distress. They deserve our support. AWGs and volunteers mostly depend on donations. PAAW Fund can supplement the donation stream.

PAAW Fund will invite grant applications or respond to grant requests from the AWGs and volunteers who undertake animal welfare work, including rescue, treatment and rehabilitation, care and protection and re-homing of abandoned or homeless pet animals, as well as the undertaking of innovative projects to raise animal welfare standards. We hope to alleviate the financial burden of the AWGs and volunteers so that they can focus on doing their animal welfare work.

Impacting animal welfare

With PAAW dollars, PAAW Fund aims to positively impact the state of animal welfare in Singapore by raising the standard of care. In assessing grant requests, PAAW Fund will apply a set of guidelines that emphasize on:
  • Accountability with clear outcome measurement (“Before” vs “After”)

  • Stretching the dollar judiciously

  • The standard of animal care plan

  • Innovation for animal welfare

Each grant application will be assessed based on its own merit, and subject to fund availability. Click to read the PAAW Grant Guidelines.