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Our Desire To Help

We are pet parents who love our companion animals as our family. We feel blessed with experiencing the love and joy that our beloved pets have brought to our lives. We are fortunate human beings with fortunate pets.

We take good care of our beloved pets. We wish we can take care of more and love more of them, to multiply the good. Our hearts extend to the many more “unclaimed pets” out on the streets and in the shelters that need our help.

Like many pet owners and animal lovers, where our time and resources permit, we do our part to contribute to the animal welfare cause in Singapore. But our efforts are sporadic, ad-hoc and occasional at best. Our will is there, but our resources are limited.

Kudos to the People doing Animal Welfare Work

We admire and respect the people behind the many animal welfare groups (AWGs) – the kind people who run the animal shelters and the animal rescue operations. We salute their unrelenting work, taking care of animals in need round the clock 24-7-365, helping the helpless and loving the unloved. Their compassion is bottomless. Their commitment is unparalleled. We are in awe. And we want to help. In a sustainable manner.

Our Pet-Care Dollars can be “recycled” for bigger use

Our Pet-Care Dollars can be “recycled” for bigger use

As pet owners, we continually spend pet-care dollars on our beloved pets, giving them the best care that we can. How we wish we can do the same for the less fortunate un-owned pets out there, to bring care, to alleviate pain. As said, occasionally we chip in, when we are caught afront with a case right before us.

Then a thought dawned upon us.

Is it not possible for us to put our pet-care dollars to bigger use? What if a portion of our already spent pet-care dollars get recycled and re-channeled for a second use — to feed and care for the un-owned pets?

We need a channel for this to happen. That is how Project PAAW was born.


PAAW holds firm to 3 beliefs:
  • We believe that companion (sentient) animals are our friends; they have a place in our community.

  • We believe that every companion animal, owned or un-owned, homed or homeless, deserves a decent life, and should be cared for and be treated with compassion.

  • We believe that as pet owners, we are empowered to channel the same pet-care dollars that are spent on our own beloved pets to also care for other unclaimed pets out there on the streets and in the shelters. We need not leave any pet behind.