Recycle the Pet $

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take care of pets in need.

A virtuous cycle of
good for animal welfare

A Shared Vision for All

Vet Care

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The PAAW Ecosystem

Our Beginning
And Why

Can We do
Something to help?

For PAAW to take off, we need pet owners to resonate with PAAW’s vision. When we as pet owners share a vision and act together, we can make things happen. It is within our means. Together we can harness our pet-care dollars to be recycled for a second use – to feed and care for the less fortunate pets. The more we harness, the better chance of a decent life for them. Together we can shape a better future for animal welfare in Singapore.

PAAW Vision:

All pet animals cared for
All pet animals, owned and unowned, homed and homeless, will be cared for by the community of pet owners in Singapore.

PAAW Mission:

To enable our pet-care dollars to care for un-owned pets
PAAW will be an Enabler and a Channel. Think of PAAW as the bridge, whereby the love and care that pet owners shower on their beloved pets will get across to also care for the less fortunate un-owned pets.

Enabling a PAAW Ecosystem

We will build an ecosystem of pet-care service providers affiliated as PAAW partners that will pledge a portion of their profits to PAAW Fund.

Empowering Pet Owners to Care

Pet owners can choose PAAW partners as their preferred service providers for their pet care needs. By doing so, a portion of their spent pet-care dollars will flow seamlessly into PAAW Fund.

Enabling Sustainable Animal Welfare

PAAW Fund will disburse financial aid to animal welfare groups to supporting good care for animals in need.


We will be guided by these values, which will frame all our intentions and actions.
  • PAAW will put animal welfare at the centre of everything we do. Our work is inspired by our love for companion animals.

  • For PAAW to succeed, we rely on the trust and support of pet owners.We will never ever abuse this trust.

  • At PAAW pet-care businesses, we are committed to bring best value to pet owners.